Saturday, January 14, 2012

out there on the ice

(Korean boutique coat and dress, hat from street vendor, NastyGal velvet leggings, Urban Outfitters fur collar, TopShop satchel)

Hi, I'm Tiffany and I like to pose awkwardly in photos to showcase my superb skating skills. 

The boyf and I headed into Seoul yesterday night to partake in some late night ice-skating. Let's just say that there was a layer of snow covering the rink and the blades on our skates were the opposite of sharp. But 'twas fun doing laps and jamming to some KPop hits... never mind the fact that little kids were showing me up. 

We ended the night in Hongdae where some way classy street drinking took place. Note: the bottle of soju, the can of beer, and the bottle of cider for chasing purposes. I'm going to miss getting a cheap buzz for $1; it's like my Korean FourLoko. 


  1. Hi Tiffany!

    IFB member here..
    Following you in twitter :)
    keep in touch


  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun ice skating :)I found you in my IFB group and I am now following with bloglovin and GFC. I'd love it if you liked to stop by and check out my blog :)

  3. Wow I so wish I could Ice skate... looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment you left.
    Happy Blogging <3

  4. so cute! love your satchel! :)


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