Wednesday, March 7, 2012

something good can work

Things have been a whirlpool of crazy lately, as I am currently preparing for the big move home. It's alarming to realize how much a hoarder like me accumulates over the course of a year. Perhaps this is where I confess that I had snagged a can of A&W root beer at the Filipino market and sincerely wanted to save it for a special occasion...

Despite all the sorting of things into trash, friend giveaways, and to-send-home, I've managed to find the time to kick-off a new exercise regime. For the past month or so, I've mildly hopped onto the P90X bandwagon. I have failed at sticking to the schedule (which I will probably attempt once I'm back in the US of A), but I have endured about 4 workouts per week, keeping the Ab Ripper, Cardio X, Kenpo, and Core Synergistics on my rotation. My main goal is just to get toned for the summer, as we all try to do, and if I happen to shed a few lbs in doing so, I will happily embrace it. 

I prefer to wear fitted clothes during my periods of fitness, like leggings or yoga shorts paired with a tank. It's a bit of a motivation booster for me, almost as if I can see the "goo", as Tony Horton likes to call it, melt away. I'm a believer in the idea that liking what you wear will promote positive energy; not to mention, forking over the money for cute workout clothes may be that extra push you need to get moving... literally. 

1. Lucy Race Me Tight, $64.99 (
2. Victoria's Secret Yoga Foldover Legging, $29.50 (
3. GapFit gFast Colorblock Legging, $54.95 (
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