Thursday, February 2, 2012

a perfect mess

After an embarrassing disaster featuring me and the dakkochi (Korean skewered chicken) I absolutely HAD to have before missing the last train home, I've been lusting for a new purse to tote. My current satchel is still in tact, minus a few sauce stains, but don't we all look for an excuse to justify a future purchase? 

I tend to like the same style of bag and have a habit of choosing colored ones only. Brights are on trend for the upcoming season, so it's only right that I have my eye on two that include neon shades. These are some that I came across that are giving me something to think about. 
  1. River Island Neon Strap Satchel (
  2. TopShop Black Leather Insert Satchel (
  3. ASOS Leather Panelled Satchel (
  4. Eden Leather Satchel (


  1. Aww sounds like a horrible disaster, but any excuse for a new purse right ;) Love number 4!

  2. I love the purses especially number 2.

    Also I want to present you Kreativ blogger award because I want to thank you for supporting my blog COF

    Lots of Love

  3. Awesome satchels!!

  4. I love number 2! It's very edgy but fashionable in the same time, love that.


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